Thursday, 30 August 2007

Macro Photography session at Sungai Liang Recreational Park

A group of 20 shutterbugs participated in the Macro outdoor photography session organised by the GemilangFoto at the Sungai Liang Recreational Park last Sunday.

The activity began with a briefing by the chairperson, Awg AdiPutera Hj Abd Hamid, and followed by a talk from Mr James Ling Ching Khun.

Mr James Ling is the recipient of several international awards specifically in Macro Photography. He talked about his experiences, techniques such as artificial lighting, flashing and using the correct lens.

The group had the opportunity of viewing his photo folio prior to the activity.
The chairperson of GemilangFoto welcomes the participation of local photographers in the club's activities, as they are open to the public.

Courtesy of Borneo bulletin