Thursday, 30 August 2007

Portraiture session with Nadi-2006

More than 30 photographers turn up during potraiture session with Nadi at Horticulture Rimba Gadong.
It was organised by Gemilang Foto of Gemilang Association, Tutong recently as part of monthly outing project of gemilangfoto club. Nadi, a professional and an International award winning photographer, shared his experiences and gave tips on how to get best portraiture. Participants were able to see his collection of photos portfolio. The session ended with a practical lesson.

Nadi during his introduction into portraiture photography.

GemilangFoto Club mengucapkan ribuan terimakasih di ucapkan kepada Hj Haranadi kerana sudi meluangkan masa serta memberi tips portraiturenya kepada yang menghadiri sesi fotografi hari itu.