Thursday, 6 September 2007

Marathon 2006

Brunei Marathon 2006 will be still in our mind eventhough new year 2008 will coming soon. It is an honour for GemilangFoto members was given opportunity to contribute our photos during the event. Many thanks to the Excellence event management for giving us the opportunity and we hope to see more young talented photographers to join us in the event like this in the future. Thank you all GemilangFoto members support in the Marathon 2006 and look foward to welcome you again for the next Brunei Marathon.

GemilangFoto in action during Marathon 2006. Below are some of the event taken by GemilangFoto members:

One week before the main marathon event. Warm up event which is 10km distance

Brunei Marathon 2006 main event starting from Jln Sultan BSB, Next to Taman Sir Muda Omar Ali Saifuddin,Runners speed out of the town towards Jln Tutong passing numbers of Brunei Landmarks

Participants from BLNG team in orange colour waves their hands happily....

The participation of new comer photographers for this year event is very encouraging. GemilangFoto would like to take this opportunity to extend the appreciation to all members for their pictures contribution.