Saturday, 9 February 2008


The Toyota Fourbies are back again. The rendezvous started in the early morning of Sunday 3 February 2008 at Pachi Machi Restaurant Lubok Pulau, Mukim Tanjong Maya, Tutong District. It was a beautiful morning with mist still hanging over the coconut trees silhouette against the rising sun. It was a cool morning. It rained heavily the night before thinking how would the ground be for four wheel driving anticipating a fun day. The 5th NBT 4WD Basic Training, the first to be held this year started at 07.30am. Participants arrived, registered and welcomed with hot coffee, Hot The Tarik and you guessed it right, SOTO Pachi Machi! That’s what it’s renown for (Nyaman kali ah! Ada yang dua raun kali ah!). The Opening started at 08.30am. Co-organisers NBT Toyota & Persatuan Gemilang and participants are honored to have the Penghulu Mukim Tanjong Maya Yang Mulia Penghulu Hj Abdul Wahab bin Apong joining for the opening. Also present was the General Sales Manager Toyota NBT Sdn Bhd. Yang Mulia Awg Hj Sahrum bin Hj Kadir and the President of Gemilang Association Yang Mulia Major (R) Pg Hj Abas bin Pg Hj Othman. Hajjah Asmara binti Hj Deraman representing NBT gave an opening remarks and followed by Doa Selamat by Ustaz Alwi bin Dr Hj Hamzah. Participants were then invited for a group photo.

Class lesson continued by an Ice Breaker session and subsequently course overview brief by Gemilang 4x4. Participants began more enthusiastic in the class as the detail points of four wheel driving subject developed. The theory lessons ended and participants were excited to start the practical. Prior to practical participants were divided into two groups: A & B. Group A was looked after by Chief Operations Gemilang 4x4 Yang Mulia Dr Hj Hamzah bin Hj Abd Rahman, while Group B was looked after by Chief Instructor Gemilang 4x4 Yang Mulia Awang Hj Yakub bin Hj Abd Rahman. Each group was then taught how to perform Pre-Departure Checks followed by Wheel Changing exercise.

Each group demonstrated team work and were keen to understand more. When lessons at Pachi Machi were completed it was time to get in the car and line up to their group convoy (Atu banyak Toyota atu!). Each group had a mix of fourbies. There were Hilux, Fortuner and Prado. As before, Pangkalan Jalur and Bukit Kukob were used for the variety of terrain training. At Pangkalan Jalur, participant practice the Single Snatch Strap Recovery technique and Sand Driving.
At sand driving training area, participants practice the principles of 4WD, applying smooth accelerator control, maintaining momentum and traction. At Bukit Kukob, it was more challenging. It rained heavily the night before. The mud track eroded and was really slippery. Participants and their instructors went through the track vigilantly and were tested to the maximum. Excellent training value.
Both groups returned to Pachi Machi at the end of the practical at the training areas. Lunch was served and it was a deserve break for all. The 4WD Basic Training was closed by a debrief session by Yang Mulia Awg Hj Sahrum bin Hj Kadir and certificate presentation.
“The participants came back from training tracks with a big smile in their face. I am glad they are happy. We, Gemilang Association of the Tutong District, will continue to provide the 4WD training for NBT. It is our endeavour to provide quality and valuable 4WD training to our trainees” said Abd Ashunah bin DLR Hj Md Jair, the Chairman of Gemilang 4x4. The 5th NBT 4WD Basic Training(4WD Basic Training 1/2008) was a success with participants happy and within a half day their 4wd skill now raise to a new level. The training also provided participants an opportunity to understand their 4wd better and familiar with its ability. Congratulation to participants and last but not least, well done Gemilang! Happy 4WDing !