Monday, 12 May 2008

Dining Under The Stars

”Welcome to the 1st Dining Under The Stars Celebration – The
Alfresco style. All table in white romantic candlelight settings. Upon
arrival @ 6.00pm, you’ll be greeted and escorted by our beautiful ushers.
Along the way, take a test drive in one of the new Mercedes-Benz
cars on display or feel the leather of the roaring thundering Harley
Davidson motorbikes”.

Arrive on time and we’ll blow your mind away with the grand fiery
show. And relax while you have your Sheraton Hotel International
Buffet under the Stars. Throughout the night you’ll be entertained by
our stunning singer Maria, famous Pilihan radio DJs and not to forget
heart pumping dance performances.
Come, Join us and we’ll make your evening be “WOW”. Lots of
surprises are waiting for you. All this happening at the Jerudong
Park Musical Fountain Gardens.

Ticket A $68 Ticket B $78 Ticket C $88
DUTS Ticket outlets
Sheraton Hotel 2221802/2244272
Studio Scene (Kiarong) 2454528
Alley Frame Maker (Kiulap) 2233619/20
St. George’s School (BSB) 2224458
Zunic Wellness (Athirah Complex) 2221364
Pan Bright Travel Services 2240980/4/5 (BSB) 3341154/6/7 (KB)
Zisen Travel & Tours 2440608
Century Travel Centre Sdn Bhd (BSB) 2221747/1948
Freme Travel Services Sdn Bhd 2234277/8/9(BSB) 3335025/35 (KB)
Our HOTLINE sms or call 8712366