Friday, 15 January 2010

Filipino Woman Embraces Islam

Tutong -The Tutong Dakwah Department conducted a conversion ceremony on behalf of a Filipino woman who had expressed her desire to be inducted into Islam. The ceremony was held at the residence of Haji Bahrin, in Kampung Tanjong Maya.

The event began with the recitation of al-fatihah and was followed by the conversion ceremony.
Lourdes Braganza Mondalla embraced Islam by reciting the declaration of faith in the presence of a religious officer from the Tutong Dakwah Department. She chose her new Muslim name as Nur `Aliyah binti Abdullah.

In order to bless and properly welcome the newly-converted, a Dikir Marhaban was performed during the ceremony by `Badan Ugama Gemilang Association' members. This was then followed by the sprinkling of scented flowers by invited guests.

A gift was also presented to the newly converted by Yang Dipertua of Tutong Gemilang Association, Haji Ayub Haji Suhaili. The doa selamat was read by Imam Haji Junadi bin Haji Sabtu of Tanjong Maya Mosque.

Nur `Aliyah told the Bulletin that she developed an interest in Islam after socialising with her friends in the Muslim community. -- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin