Sunday, 28 April 2013


Dear All,

I am sorry to have to inform everyone that we have had to cancel this month’s Weekend Car Boot Sale which was due to be held tomorrow  -  Sunday, April 28, 2013 at Tutong Waterfront 2pm – 6pm.

Following consultation and advice with the local authority, it was determined that we were advised to hold on to the event and any future event with them after their board meeting sometime in mid May 2013.

We did attempt to come up with an alternative date but we were advised that this would be too impractical at such short notice.

Therefore, on behalf of the committee, I would like to apologize for the cancellation, especially to those of you who have made preparations for the event. Unfortunately, these were circumstances which were beyond our control but we intend to make next event even more spectacular so I hope you can join us then.

Yours sincerely,
Fadhlina Bakar @V89FD
Secretary General
Persatuan GEMILANG Daerah Tutong

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Cycles of Life - Sunrise to Sunset

Tetamu kehormat bagi acara ini ialah Yang Berhormat Hj Ramli Bin Hj Lahit, Ahli Majlis Mesyuarat Negara

Acara Konvoi - 21hb April 2013 (Ahad) 
o 1300hrs :- Ketibaan of Peserta Basikal Brunei di Taman Rekreasi Sungai Basong,Tutong  o 1400hrs :- Berangkat Ke Kuala Lurah dengan mengunakan kenderaan yang disediakan.
o 1500hrs : - Ketibaan Simon Sandi yang diraihkan di Pos Kawalan Kuala Lurah
Taklimat Laluan.
o 1530hrs : - Konvoi basikal bermula
o 1730hrs : - Kayuhan Berakhir Taman Rekreasi Sungai Basong, Tutong.
Menikmati jamuan ringan
Bergambar Ramai.

Acara Konvoi - 24hb April 2013 (Rabu) * 
o 1530hrs :- Berkumpul di Pos Kawalan Kuala Lurah
o 1600hrs : - Ketibaan Rahim Resad & Heather Pritchard yang diraikan di Pos Kawalan Kuala Lurah
Taklimat Laluan.
o 1630hrs : - Konvoi basikal bermula
o 1830hrs : - Kayuhan berakhir di Taman Rekreasi Sungai Basong, Tutong.
Menikmati jamuan ringan
Bergambar ramai.
*Kenderaan akan disediakan jika perlu.

Acara Konvoi - 26hb April 2013 (Jumaat) * 
o 0730hrs :- Berkumpul di Taman Rekreasi Sungai Basong, Tutong
o 0800hrs :- Menikmati jamuan ringan
Bergambar ramai.
Taklimat Laluan.                                                                                            

  0830hrs : - Flag Off untuk Team RAB – Rahim Resad & Heather Pritchard bersama konvoi basikal.
o 0930hrs : - Konvoi berakhir di Balai Bomba Telisai.
Peserta basikal (Brunei) akan menuju balik semula ke Taman Rekreasi Sungai  Basong, Tutong.

*Jika ada perubahan peserta akan dimaklumkan melalui Facebook Group “Cycling buddies / Persatuan Gemilang Daerah Tutong” atau melalui telefon. 

Hj Ali Sofian Hj Thani - 8725171 (Ketua Penyelaras)
Hussin Hj Abd Rahman  -8730096 (Setiausaha GSSK GEMILANG)
Yuran Penyertaan $2.00 sahaja

Monday, 8 April 2013

Shutterbugs attend Nikon Club gathering

SOME 35 “Nikonians” attended the Nikon Club gathering organised by the Nikon Club Brunei in collaboration with Gemilang Photo Brunei Association and Nikon Club Malaysia yesterday morning at the Jubilee Park in the capital.

This was the 4th Nikon Club get-together in Brunei since its first gathering in 2010.One of the motives of the gathering was to enable Nikon users to share and exchange knowledge, information and opinion in relation to cameras and photography, such as places of interest, subjects and others.

The main purpose of the get-together is to create opportunity for participants and contributors to learn from each other.

The gathering started with a briefing by Brunei Nikon State Liason, Hanisham Salleh, followed by Alex Moh from Nikon Club Malaysia. The participants were then brought for a model photoshoot with a Muslimah theme, using the park’s resources to create a background for the models.

Nikon Club Brunei members who attended the get-together can submit their entrees to the Nikon Club website for judging. Three best pictures will receive a Nikon Coolpix S100 camera each. Seven consolation prize winners will each receive a limited edition thumbdrive and a Nikon Coolpix towel.

The Nikon Professional Services (NPS) would also like to announce that to render the best support for their professionals, NPS is pleased to inform that the NPS Service Depot will be set up at the International Convention Centre (ICC) from April 23-25 during the Asean Summit to serve accredited photographers with Nikon professional equipments.

All services will be provided on first-come-first-serve basis to accredited photographers who have Nikon professional equipment. At this event, Nikon will provide check-and-clean, feasible repair within the range of arranged spare parts (pre-existing damage will not be repaired), alternative loan along with repair in case of emergency and evaluation loans dependant on availability. Twelve-hours-basis loan duration offered for registered photographers in depot.

Courtesy of Borneo bulletin online.